Brief History of Issaquah (cont.)

Culture was hard to come by in early Issaquah, but the Gilman Concert Band tried.

The Issaquah Rodeo has been replaced by today's somewhat tamer Salmon Days.

Except for paved streets, Issaquah still looked like this well into the 20th Century.

All photos courtesy Issaquah Historical Society.

In gratitude, the town council of 1892 honored Gilman by taking his name for their town. By 1899, they had changed their mind. Another town had taken the name Gilman earlier, and mail delivery, as well as business associations, had become confused. So, the council petitioned Olympia to change the name of the town back to Issaquah.

When the coal was mined out early in the 20th Century, Issaquah went back to being a sleepy little town with, the locals were fond of saying, more churches and taverns than just about anywhere.

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